• How began...

    We were having a casual breakfast- just 4 overly caffeinated , well-fed, normal 49er fans, when the idea was thrown out to give folks a chance to have a slice of Kaepernicking with their own version of his magical tattoos. 

    Kaepernick isn't the first NFL star to have tattoos, but he is the first who can run and throw with such force, the first to be on the brink of becoming a Super Bowl-winning quarterback with such little experience. What else can his fans attribute his incredible success to, if not his tattoos? 

    So in an afternoon (no really, we put this site up in about 6 hours) was born. In 4 short days, fans have poured onto the site, showing their support for Kaepernick and the 49ers. They've sent in their own stories of being life-long 49er fans, of using the tattoos for their children to proudly wear on Super Bowl Sunday, or of them simply planning to sit alone in the dark watching the game with a pint of Three Twins Ice Cream. 

    We hope to put a smile on your face when you visit And who knows, maybe if enough of us wear KaeperTats on February 3, we just might win it all. 
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